Treetop Trekking at Brampton, Toronto, Canada

Friendly? 5 out of 5

We’d been to Go Ape in England and loved it, and since the Treetop Trekking experience appeared to be very similar, we decided to give it a go. Our session was due to last 3 hours, starting with a safety talk and culminating with an amazing 900 ft long twin zip ride over a lake.

The course was a lot of fun, quite testing in places but within most people’s reach I’d say, as this short film we made shows…

First of all, here’s a film of the event, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect from the route.

We turned up at 12.30pm, half an hour before our session was due to start so we could fill in the waivers and collect our equipment .The Brampton location has only been open a month and all the kit was sparkly clean. An instructor fitted our kit and then gave us a 20 minute safety talk. She made sure we knew the rules, and could operate our equipment safely as we made our way around a mini course. Then we were free to enjoy the rest of the course on our own. Do take a look at the film, above, to see what the experience was like. The scenery was great and the lake crossing at the end was something very unique. A wonderful way to connect with nature in a way we’re generally not accustomed to.

Regardless of your fitness, there’s something in the course for you. A few of our group didn’t feel that they could take on some of the harder sections but that was ok, no section of the course is compulsory except for the safety brief, so they just skipped the tough bits and met up with us at the Lakeshore Zip Lines, which they absolutely didn’t want to miss.

I found the course a little tougher than the Go Ape course in the UK, there was more balancing to be done, a few of the zip lines were much quicker and also a few of the harder obstacles did require a certain amount of upper body strength. Don’t let this put you off though. If nothing else, just skip the bits you’re not comfortable with and enjoy the end, or do as some did on the day we were there and just sign up for the zip lines across the lake.

You can also take on the Treetop Trekking course at night, with headtorches to guide you round. That’s something we’ll hope to try next time we’re in town.

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