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London Zoo is a short, signposted walk from Camden Town Underground station. Usually we don’t entertain zoos but one look at the London Zoo website was enough to show us that these people are all about conservation, and getting involved with projects around the world that’ll help animals try to survive the immense pressure that humans are putting them under at the moment.

Also, the website advised us that there was an open air photography exhibition in the middle of the zoo, which sounded great as well!

We only had two hours to spare and of course, it’s a lottery what you’ll see at the zoo on any occasion as it’s up to the animals if they want to ‘pose’ for you or not, but even though it was the depth of winter and pretty cold we still got great views of tigers, wild dogs, hippos, camels, penguins, giraffes, snakes and gorillas.

Here are some of the images we got. First, the tigers, one of whom was sitting comfortably on his heated rock and beautifully lit by the afternoon sun.







Here are the penguins and herons in their outdoor pool.











And here are a few assorted others.







Lamia particularly enjoyed the Reptile House.  She’d first seen the place in the film ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ and was really excited to visit it in person, 13 years later.









The indoors rainforest section was brilliant. Our cameras got steamed up for five minutes after we entered as it was so humid, but that was ok, it gave the first shots some atmosphere…


Inside we saw sloths and little monkeys jumping freely around us onto bars and branches above our heads; it was excellent for photography but also such a thrill to be so close to the animals, with no barrier between us and them.




The outdoor photographic exhibition in the centre of the zoo had some quality work in it.



The exhibition changes yearly; the work on show is all submitted by members of the public through a competition format. Check it out and enter your own work if you like! Discover more here - http://www.zsl.org/about-us/zsl-animal-photography-prize

It was very clear as we walked around that there was much conservation work being done in other countries thanks to the entry fee you pay. We were also pleased to see lots of special emphasis on education of the problems associated with unsustainable palm oil production and deforestation which effects many animals, including the tigers we’d spent so long looking at.


In summary, the London Zoo offers a great day out. The animals have a decent amount of space to move around in, there are loads of rangers on hand to answer questions, it’s very child (and adult) friendly, there are ample opportunities for photographers, your entry fees go towards helping animals around the world and, well, we both really loved it and we’re sure that you will too!


To discover more, please visit http://www.zsl.org/zsl-london-zoo

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