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Fett Und Zucker is a cafe in the 2nd district of Vienna, not far from the main centre or Das Capri Hotel. There’s a very comfortable, retro, arty and alternative vibe there, free wi-fi and everything on the menu has been baked in the cafe itself, with plenty of vegan options and the fruit ingredients coming from the manager’s village garden. We wished we were coffee drinkers when we visited as their coffee is locally roasted and sourced fair trade and organic from a collective in Indonesia, but we stuck to the hot chocolate, chai and beer (and very good they all were too).

Before we talk about the food and drink we experienced there, here are some images to give you an idea of the interior.
















Lamia started with a David Rio Power Chai.


“I could smell the cinnamon in this before it came to the table,” Lamia said. “It’s vegan, made with soya milk, and served at just the right temperature so I can start drinking it right away. It’s not overly sweet, I love it.”


I had the Kakao (hot chocolate).


I liked how the drinks were served in big bowls, they held a lot of liquid so it was really good value for money. My hot chocolate was, like Lamia’s chai, served at a temperature ready to drink and was frothy on top. It was perfect really, tasting homemade and real, as in, it was made with care by somebody with access to quality, healthy ingredients rather than a chain store employee with a few choices of refined sugar. It was a great drink to warm up on (it was early December and Vienna was starting to get really cold!).

We looked at the menu and decided to get a few cakes and share them between us. First up we tried the Brownie.



“This brownie is really moist and chocolatey, homemade and full of good flavours,” said Lamia. “I like the heavy, dense texture. It goes well with my chai.”

Then came a chocolate chip cookie.


Like everything else we ate at Fett Und Zucker it tasted homemade and was just sweet enough. There were no surprises here, it was just a very good cookie, with nothing artificial in the flavour at all.

Next was the white bean vegan strudel.


This was a very tasty and warm departure from what we know in the UK as a dessert strudel. Some of the beans were puréed to thicken the sauce and some were left whole to add another texture to the dish. The light garlic style dip tasted like it had been made from the sort of fresh, leafy garlic that you might find in the forest in springtime.


We moved onto the cheesecake, which had been recommended to us by a guy at our hotel.


Wow. The base was moist and soft and the upper was two hits of extremely creamy topping, with the lower one slightly denser than the other. The base wasn’t the crunchy base that so many cheesecakes have, and we preferred it that way. It was one of the best cheesecakes we’ve had anywhere, for sure.

We moved onto a cake with an amazing name; Mohnvanillepowidl.


There was a layer of thick, slightly crunchy poppy seed topped by another of rich plum and finally a vanilla cream. It was a combination I’ve never had before and yet one that I’d seen often on menus in Vienna as I believe it was once a favourite of one of the Emperor’s. We approved, it was a taste of old world luxury.


I’d finished my hot chocolate by now so I had a Hopfen Auflauf Pale Ale.



It’s made by the BrewAge company, a microbrewery based in Vienna, and it contains only the classic four ingredients – water, hops, malt and yeast. It was an excellent beer and despite it’s 5.4% strength it didn’t taste overly of alcohol, more like a smooth, fruity, malty drink.


We finished with a rum and chestnut ball.


The thick chestnut paste in the middle was encased in a mixture of rum and sugared pieces of biscuit and a dusting of grated coconut. It was weighty in feel and taste and whilst Lamia could enjoy the rum as she hadn’t had any alcohol I had trouble detecting it as my beer had slightly dulled my palate. It was a lovely sweet ball though so do get one if you visit, and if you want the sensation of the full hit of rum then best to enjoy it without an alcoholic drink.


Vienna has a long standing cafe scene and Fett Und Zucker is a thoughtful, modern addition to it that we feel is well worth a visit, perhaps on the way back from the city centre to Das Capri Hotel after a day of sightseeing. The staff speak good English, the menu is easily understandable and it’s a very relaxed environment in which to experience excellently produced, ethical, well priced and tasty food and drink.

Discover more at http://www.fettundzucker.at/ and to see a map of how to get there check out the Trip Advisor listing here



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