The Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna

The Sigmund Freud Museum is a five minute walk around the corner from the PolaWalk office. You press the doorbell on arrival, as if you’re visiting the doctor himself, and then the staff buzz you in and you go up the outer stairs to what used to be the doctor’s own front door.



Once inside we were given headsets and a laminated map of the property that we could take with us. The idea being that when you enter a room you press the button on the headset controller and then you get a brief history of the room, and the objects in it.

Here’s the hallway, with Freud’s own hat hanging in the same place he always hung it himself…





…and here is the patient waiting room.




And here is the doctor’s actual office, where he worked and saw his patients. It was completely changed during the Nazi occupation and now it’s walls are flanked with letters to and from Freud, photographs and newspaper articles about him. One of the only original items is Freud’s’ mirror, hanging on the window catch.




There were also a couple of conceptual exhibitions, film footage of Freud playing with his dog and another room with documents and items pertaining to Freud’s travels including his final journey, escaping the Nazis and fleeing to England.





We spent a fascinating couple of hours in the museum and afterwards walked up to one of Freud’s favourite cafe’s, the Landtmann, for our dinner. It was a superb way to spend the afternoon.

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